Asian Gecko Scam

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Asian Gecko Scam

Recently a huge amount of gecko's are being hunted from the forest traded and used as a scam in southeast Asia where people are desperate to become rich and become victim of the fraud, as a part of the scam several international buyers offer and claiming to buy gecko's for several millions of dollars a gecko weighing minimum 300 grams and even several millions for a gecko of 1 kilo above weight these buyers claim that the saliva of the gecko can cure aids and any kind of cancer and that only 300 grams above specimen can be more effective, several sellers will come out of nowhere offer the victim a gecko for cheaper price.

Victim buys the gecko for a large sum and wants to sell the gecko to the international buyers but they will no longer respond to the victim.

Cause International Buyer and seller are partners


In some parts of Asia gecko are being hunted for the drug trade where the large gecko's are being stuffed with drugs to pass the customs

Countries like China, Korean, Malaysia are the destinations.


Gecko's are being used as Chinese Medicine it is being claimed to cure diseases. hahaha no approved therapeutic claims, pwede nga rin Kuto eh mag cure.

Gecko scam on Wikipedia:

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO is NOT purchasing geckos, neither we affiliate with any institute or anyone to purchase geckos, BECAUSE IT IS NOT A CURE!!

Scammers in Jail

We were just informed that 20 scammers are in the hands of authorities as of late afternoon today.